2017 Australian Grand Prix Race Review: Advantage Ferrari.

The 2017 Formula 1 season is officially under way! We can all rejoice that we have something to occupy us every other weekend (or so). There was a lot of speculation and anticipation surrounding this race, with many of us waiting to see how the new regulations would work in a race situation and where … Continue reading 2017 Australian Grand Prix Race Review: Advantage Ferrari.


Mercedes & the Conundrum of Rosberg’s Replacement

It's been almost a fortnight since Nico Rosberg shocked the Formula 1 world by announcing his retirement, straight off the back of his first world championship. And since freeing up what can only be described as the most desired seat in motorsport, drivers left, right and centre have (reportedly) been scrambling for their phones to make a call to Mr Toto Wolff. But with the 2016 season over, and winter testing fast approaching, most of the big names in the sport have already found their seats, posing a serious problem for Mercedes. Had the vacancy appeared midway through the season you could guarantee that they have would gotten the pick of whichever driver they liked. But with time ticking on the Stuttgart based team are fast running out of options. So, who is in the running to become Mercedes' latest driver?